Sony F55 Cookes
Sony PMW-F55
Shoot 4k, 2k or HD at up to 180fps internally to high speed SxS cards, or up to 240fps in RAW recorder. RAW, SR, XAVC or XDCam. Super35 sensor. Excellent weapon for Cine shoots or run-and-gun. Amazing OLED view finder.

Cooke s4 /i (PL Mount)
18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, T2.8. Colour matched to Cooke 5 & S4s. Renders beautiful skin tones, lovely focus markings and feel. I love these lens.
Canon Cine 17-120mm T2.95 PL
ENG-Style Zoom, Focus, and Iris Servos.
For Broadcast or Cinema Shooting Styles.
180° Focus Ring with Knurled Grip.
Double Focus Markings in Feet and Meters.
Mattebox Sony EX1 Monitor
Sony a7s
Full frame sensor produces notable video quality (shoots sLog2) with an expansive dynamic range, low noise, and extended sensitivity to ISO 409600. Adaptor to utilise PL & G-mount lens.
Sony PMW-EX1
HD XDCam format 1920x1080P @ 25fps at 35mbps. Up to 60fps @ 720P. Up to 2 hours recording time. Shoot outstandingly competitive images with Letus adaptor attached.
Panasonic 9" HD Monitor
Broadcast-grade LCD with focus assist and waveform monitoring. HD-SDI, SDI, HDMI and component and composite inputs. Full 3D calibration compatiblity. SDI to HDMI realtime.
Prime Lens Lens Adapter
Carl Zeiss Primes
25mm, 50mm macro, 80mm & 100mm macro. Beautful build and fluid manual focusing. Lovely highlights control and huge colour and contrast range produce razor sharp images.
(Click for Lens specifications)
Nikor 24-70mm & 70-200mm T2.8
Manually controlled aperture via adaptor turn this DSLR glass into beautifully sharp and colourful lens.
Teradeck Bolt Pro 300
Wireless HD-SDI/HDMI Dual Format Video Transmitter/Receiver Set. Supports metadata and timecode pass through. Supports wireless HD video with zero delay (<1ms), up to a 300 ft range.
PIX 240 External Video Recorder
SDI or HDMI Video recorder and/or real time format conversation. Records straight to PRORES 444, HQ, LT or SP and AVID formats onto 256GB SSD. 3G, SDI or HDMI inputs and frame conversion pass-through.
2x 1.8K/1.2K HMI and ballasts
Ballast switchable from 50hz, 75hz and 1000hz for high speed frame rates. Wires, lens and stands with 7m cable between each lamp head and ballast.
2x LightPro 1200 LED Panels
(1x daylight & 1x mixed balance) These battery powered 36W LED panels deliver bright, heat-free light. 4x 190kWh VLock batteries also.
2x Kino Flo Panels 3x Dedo Lights 3x Redheads
2x Diva-Lite 400 kits
Easily portable and easy to set up on
C-Stands. Contains punchy 4x 50W daylight or tungsten fluorescent tubes.
3x 150W Dedolights
Classic highly focusable light sources. Powered from a central dimmer box with 5-8m cable runs per light.
3x 800W Redheads
Basic 3 point lighting, 101 style. Transportable in solid case with wheels.
Miller Arrow 40 Tripod
Arrow40 7-Position selectable Pan and Tilt head. 4-position rear-mount Counterbalance.
Illuminated rear controls.
Light Panel
To mount on camera for mobile light source. Great reach, adjustable dimmer, colour temperature etc.
2x Sennheiser Radio Mic Kits
Cableless audio aquisition and/or monitoring. Diversity reception with high power transmitters.
LightMeter Satchler DV6 GoPro
Sekonic Lightmeter Satchler DV6 Tripod
1-12kg camera support, 12 step counterbalance and 5 vertical grades of drag. Suits 100m bowl. 3 step legs.
2x GoPro Hero3 Blacks
You know what they are. 2K at 25fps or HD at some ridiculous speed :)
All the fittings, mounts, memory and water housings anyone could need.
Field Editing Frames Mattebox
17" MacBook Pro
Perfect for on-location HD video capture and editing. With Final Cut Pro 2.0 suite, Adobe Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, etc) & Microsoft Office.
Aluminium Frames
Reflector & difusion solutions & green screen. Ideal for both studio and location work. Breaks down into single portable carry bag. The two sizes are 77x77" & 39x39".
Vocas 450 Mattebox
For use with up to 5 filters (2 fully rotatable and 1 tiltable). Made to fit the new filter standard 5,65"X5,65" or smaller. Fits on large diameter lenses (up to 144mm). Suitable for 15mm rails.


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