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Tom and colleague Andrew recently founded Robotface and have imported into Australia an incredible BOLT High Speed Cinebot with 9m of track, as well as a Phantom 4K VEO cinema slow motion camera. The company set up a studio in Port Melbourne and specialise in mind-bending in-camera visuals through motion control and extreme slow motion footage capture. 

Tom David is an award-winning cinematographer shooting TVC, documentary, branded content and prime-time television projects. He is based in Melbourne, Australia however has travelled all over the country and the world telling stories.

He is a full member of the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) where two of his projects in 2018 — "Stargazers Guide to the Cosmos" and "Lost Diamonds" — were awarded Gold and Silver nods.

Tom is skilled in shooting & styling food, working with tracking vehicles, low-light shooting, fashion & skin products, science and technologies, and human-interest stories. His work has taken him all over Australia and abroad and he’s worked both independently and as part of large crews on studio and location projects.

As well as a keen eye for the aesthetic and an understanding of the ‘big picture’ of a production, Tom has a particular knack for breaking down a scene to shoot a series of shots quickly and efficiently—a huge gain for the bottom line of the project he’s working on.

Drone pilot - CASA Accredited & Insured
Tom is a particularly talented drone pilot and is CASA accredited with a Remote Pilots License and insured. As well as capturing amazing visuals through with the latest developments in camera drone technology, he also flies stunt 'fpv' drones as a hobby as well just for kicks.

Why Cinematogrphy?
Cinematography allows the ideas and visions of Tom’s clients to quite literally ‘come to life’ as a production progresses. From there, Tom believes that great visual storytelling creates real intimacy and connection with the viewer.

Additional Info
Tom also has a background in motion graphics, compositing and editing - knowledge that proves invaluable when crafting how to gather footage for the next project. Prior to this time he worked as a Civil Engineer for two years - an experience that has greatly honed his problem solving and technical skills.

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