The Sony F55 4K cine camera kit and Cooke S4i (F2.8) is the flagship camera package in the kit. Though also have a variety of Zeiss and Nikon lens options as well as now the ability to shoot with the new Sony A7s - an amazing new DSLR tool for high latitude (15 stops!) and low light filming.

Agency: HotGlue
Credit: DP (one of several)

Getting dark and stylised with driver Garth Tander of the Holden Racing Team and the boys from Hotglue I helped the boys finalise the promo and compliment all teh fantastic high fps track content they shot on location the year before.

Agency: McCann
Credit: DP

Shot the new V8 promo of the livery launch of the 2015 team car with Garth Tander and team mate James Courtney. Covered the shoot with the Sony F55 and Nikor zooms on the car turn table at Filmset Studios, Melbourne.

MASTERCHEF Season VII (2015)
Agency: Shine Australia
Credit: Lighting Camera Op

Have been enjoying very much working with DPs Bennie Cronje & Matthew Romanis who with a great bunch DPs and camera ops are shooting this years Masterchef. I've been covering backstories on location (like min-docos) with the Sony F55. For television, this production is really pushing us to utiliise the full frame shallow DOP and get creative - which is just great.

Agency: HotGlue
Credit: DP (Vehicle B-Roll)

The launch of the new HSV Senator had us shooting the car on and around Melbourne's Bolte Bridge. Shooting in low light on the Sony F55 and Cooke S4s, we achieved some fantastic stuff with Austin Haigh getting the camera in some pretty sweet angles.

Agency: McCann
Credit: DP

Travelled all around regional Victoria with Afrim and the McCann team meeting some fantastic customers and staff of VLine shooting little 90sec snapshots of how their lives and VLine come together. Turned the Sony F55 into a run-and-gun documentary kit and making best use of natural light, some lovely images were produced.

Agency: McCann
Credit: DP

Worked with French DP David Nissen and crew covering their work on the new Megan Gale TVC for L'Oreal.

Agency: HotGlue
Credit: DP

Shot the new V8 promo of the livery launch of the 2015 team car with Garth Tander and team mate James Courtney. Covered the shoot with the Sony F55 and Nikor zooms on the car turn table at Filmset Studios, Melbourne.

Agency: CHE Proximity
Credit: DP

Greenscreen Foxtel shoot at Chocolate Studios today. Shooting the spot with their Alexa and Cookes.

Agency: McCann
Credit: DP

Joined the McCann team to cover the launch of the new Dream Wonder foundation product. Shooting in some lovely little studios in Kensington, Melbourne - lots of natural light to make use of. Covered this with the Sony F55 and Cookes.

FAR FLUNG (2015)
Agency: Idlerich Productions
Credit: Camera Op

Joined the Far Flung team today as Gary Megihan prepped and cooked some recipes from his recent Asian travels. Covered these segments with two Sony F55s with DP Rob Humpris.

Agency: WTFN
Credit: DP

Selfie of me prepping for a promo grab for the Network 10 Friday evening program with the Sony F55.

Agency: Hub Ink
Credit: DP

Shot along the beaches and the interior of Frasier Island, QLD to push these commercial vehicles in the toughest environements. Dale and Alex from Fluidmotion joined the team too to shoot some amazing ariel visuals.

Agency: Resolution Media
Credit: DP

Shot this spot with Stu and Jason from the Resolution Media team on the Sony F55 and Cookes. Big thanks to Tom for letting me empty his truck.

Agency: H2
Credit: Lighting Camera Op

Spent a beautiful week shooting on and around Frasier Island, QLD with the AFC team. Shooting formats ranged from Canon C300s, Sony EX3s and Panasonic GH4.

Agency: Edelman
Credit: DOP

Spent a great day today profiling Scott, a CSIRO scientist who is pushing the limits in the field of literally printing solar panels onto things. This has huge potential for many applications such as architecture, electronics and anything requiring power really. Spent the day shooting with the F55 kit exploring sLog3 gamma curves.

Agency: 50 Kaliber Films
Credit: DOP

Spent three days in TAS this month covering the extroadinary process of 'heli-stringing' which involves helicopters threading communications cables between powerline towers throughout the wilderness of Tasmania. We covered the action with the Sony F55 fitted with the new B4 adaptor, which allowed me to use Canon's stabilising 2/3 zoom lens and shoot from our chopper off the shoulder.

"NOT A CAR CRITIC" Honda Odessey TVC (2014)
Agency: TRUCE FIlms / H2 Televsiion co-production
Credit: DOP

This two shoot gave us unfetered access to shoot the new Honda Odessey inside and out. Director Nick Clifford behind the helm and enthusiastic Gaffer Andrew Lock at my side we went hard to give this spot our all with the resources at hand. Shot on the Red Epic with my Cooke S4s, and putting my new VW to work shooting out the open boot. Watch the final TVC here (60sec)

Agnecy: H2 Television
Credit: DOP

This reality series follows the NSW Air Ambulance services as they fly in to some of the most remote and hard to access environemtns in the state. Often the first on scene, these paramedics are highly skilled in not only only saving lives, but also scaling rock walls, hanging from helicopters and orienteering some pretty overwhleming landscapes. Camera operator Rainer Kelly is seen here concentrating in front of one of the choppers with an F55.


The new addition to the fleet has arrived - very happy with the new wheels - and more importantly, we can now load it up to the max - and still carry a full crew of five.

Godwin Charli Winter 2014 Product Shoot (2013)
Credit: DOP

A full day of shooting models between photography and video, we managed to share our white studio with each other between bursts of photography flashes next door. Shot with the F55 and Nikor zooms, we got the full lighting kit out for this one. An amazing looking range on its way for this winter - check it out at

Produced by: H2 Television
Credit: Lighting Camera Op (shared credit with Rainer Kelly)
Duration: 3x 24min episodes

Charcoal BBQ has never tasted so good. The camera gear literally still smells of roasting meat over coals... Salivate. This production spans three epsiodes and will premiere on Lifestyle Food Channel this Australia Day.

FUNKITA Underwear Summer 2014 Launch VIdeo (2013)
Credit: DOP
Duration: 30sec video

Girls popping each other balloons to reveal the new Funkita underear range sounded straight forward on paper, though balloon popping turns out to be a very technical excerise! Big special thanks to the girls and their patience with this one. Shot on the Sony F55 and Cookes, we are very happy with this little video. Watch the final clip here (30sec)

HOTONDO HOMES TVCs (x2) (2013)
Agency: RESOLUTION Media
Credit: DOP
Duration: 2x 30sec video

With Jason and Stu at the helm from Resolution Media, we shot two spots for Hotondo Homes in one of their display villages. Shot with the Sony F55 and Cooke s4 primes, and Austin Haigh at my side we barrelled through a fair bit.

FUNKY TRUNKS Underwear Summer 2014 Launch VIdeo (2013)
Credit: DOP
Duration: 60sec video

A day bunny hopping around Melbourne CBD & St KIlda trying to keep up with Melbourne Heart players Jeremy Walker and Andrew Redmayne whose amazing ball skills will hopefully help sell trunk loads of mens briefs. Shot on a Sony F55 and Nikor Zooms, the cameras latitude really came in handy on this bright sunny contrasty day. Got to justify shooting some 120fps also which was fun.
Watch the final clip here (60sec)

Credit: Producer / Online Edit

Con Filipedis jumped behind the Sony F55 and Cookes for me to shoot this piece in Ballarat on behalf of GE. This new Ultrasound equipment is state of the art and required a great team to get the shots we needed to tell its story. Camera Assist Will Gunn jumped on a second F55 to cover alternate interview angles and overlay.

Produced by: Idle Rich
Credit: Camera Op

Gary Mehigan (Masterchef, Good Chef Bad Chef) grabs his passport to head to India for for his new TV pilot "Far Flung". We shot the final leg of his journey in his home back in Melbourne with Rob Humphris' F5 and my F55, using a combination of wide and tight Nikor zooms.

Produced by: TRUCE Films
Credit: DOP & Online Grade

Shot on a Sony F55 and our Cooke S4 primes. Just couldn't get a break from the wind today - super dull, windy, sunless day, so some with some work in the online grade we've bought it too life with some artificial sun and early morning look. Took the crew three location changes before we could final settle on a spot that was on the other side of Albert Park Lake to all the location reccies.

SYDNEY MARATHON Profile Stories (2013)
Produced by: H2 Television
Credit: Camera Op / Editor

One of the few events big enough to organise a shut down of the Syndey Harbour Birdge, The Sydney Marathon is a live televised event where the world's best competitors fly in from aound the world to compete. I joined Aaron Bickford in Sydney to shoot a series of profile videos on the Canon C300 of a selected handful of competitors with likely chances of featuring heavily in the race telecast.

Produced by: BAM Media
Credit: Camera Op

To launch their new oil, Shell entrusted BAM Media to capture the drive day with a bunch of Australia's top car jouranlists / bloggers. Here I am camped out on the side of the road near Kingslake, Victoria to shoot a vehicle convoy.


Produced by: John Cadd
Credit: Lighting Camera Op

For this project I stepped in for Leon Dipetri at short notice to shoot this video with producer John Cadd. Shot on the Sony F55 and nikor zooms, we also shot jib arm material with the Sony F800 and used an EX1 for timelapse video around the campus.

MOTO Grand Prix 2013 (Oct 2013)
CREDIT: Editor / Motion Graphics package
Production by AXIS Films

Phillip Island's MotoGP is the biggest motocycle event on the Australian calendar. This year's event was without Casey Stoner, but still packed plenty of punch for the punters

My role is editing at the track all the sponsored & event packaged video content shot by the roaming camera teams. This gets spread amongst the live content by the broadcast team.

FUNKY TRUNKS Underwear Summer 2013 Launch VIdeo (2013)
Credit: DOP
Duration: 2min

This one day shoot was shot on the Sony F55 with a Cooke S4s primes kit and a selection of Nikon Zooms amongst the traffic. Mostly lit just using a single M16 with diffusion used for exteriors and bouncing off the ceilings for interiors. A big day for the crew, but great fun as always with the Way Funky team. Watch the final clip here (2min)

Produced by: H2 Television
Credit: Camera Op (shared credit with Rainer Kelly)

Today I joined Cathal Geaney of Got It Made Media and we went to visit and profile Phillip Johnson, the winner of the Chelsea Flower Show 2013 and film his exquisite garden at his home. First time I get to road test the new Sony F55 kit on a H2 Project - and the garden came up beautfully. We shot around waterfalls and hung the camera over water with long jib arms (gulp). Cathal went on to follow Phillip to London to follow his adventures building the garden in time for competition - and to capture the moments when he won.



Its been a very busy couple of weeks with lots of projects on the cards. The new Sony F55 is getting a good work out on some projects for finance giant GE and the boys from Truce Films are enjoying it also. For me its been a mix lately of plenty of shooting, editing as well as getting stuck into some motion graphics work also. This image is from the Geoff Boyle RAW workshop hosted by the Victorian ACS, where we tore apart all the manufacture's claims regarding today's top camera systems. Some great advice from a guy that's been around and worked on ALOT.

-- NEW EQUIPMENT - SONY F55 Cine Camera -- (2013)

Very excited to finally purchase and familiarise myself with this machine. The basic specs are:
- 4K, 2K & HD resolutions
- up to 240fps @ 2K with RAW recorder (180fps internal)
- records direct to standard SxS cards - begin editing immediately
- Global shutter, so no more skewed images when panning camera
- 14 stops exposure latitude
- Ultra wide colour gamut - higher than that achieved by film is Sony claims


Holiday (2013)

Just spent an amazing relaxing time with my wife and daughter. Stayed at Castaway Island Resort - just wonderful - and a great opportunity to play with my amazing new new Nikon f2.8 24-70mm & 70mm-200mm zooms. Not only are they a great fit with the Nikon D300 DSLR, but they are a fantastic run-and-gun zoom option for the Sony F55.


FUNKY TRUNKS -- "One Upping a Mate" VIdeo (2013)
Duration: 60sec video

We shot a sequence of shots where the male ego turns a drop of water into something quite large... Shot at 180fps on the RED Epic with Cooke PL glass we were able to spend the time getting the right look for the first set up, then shooting all the sequences one by one. Specail thanks to Gaffer Peter Ryan for some of his ingenius 'high-volume-water-releasing'impromptu engineering. Watch the final clip here (1min)

CREDIT: Camera Op, Editor & Online Grade
Produced AXIS Films

Shot on a combination of high speed RED Epic, Sony FX700, XDCam and GoPro formats under the energetic eyes of DOP & Producer Tim Maloney, this subtle Qantas Promo was shot in one day with the help of Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team graciously burning out tyre after tyre after tyre on the tarmac at Avalon airport... See the resulting video here (1min)

CREDIT: Editor
Produced by: Zero Space

This years Australian Formular 1 Grand Prix was a great success - and especially the 30 hours of live TV produced and played out across the big screens at Melbourne's F1 compound. As with last year, my role was cutting together highlights and colour packages to be played out amongst the live broadcast.

CREDIT: Director of Photography, Motion Graphics.
Produced by Squeaky Sausage

Hard at work this month amongst other things adding the finishing touches to the most recent season of the show, featuring chef Adrian Richardson. Already playing on Lifetstyle Food Australia, the show can be found playing in the UK, USA, New Zealand and many more countries. We shot this series with two Canon C300 cameras with my Zeiss Primes kit. Catch an episode here.

CONGRATULATIONS TRUCE FILMS - Winning Tropfest 2013 (2013)

Big congrats to DP Charlie Sarroff who shot Nick Clifford's outstanding film "We've All Been There" on my new Cooke Mini S4 lens kit. No doubt they produced the images Charlie needed to get the film across the line, :)

Special thanks to Michael Cicconi for organising everything. See the film online here.

FUNKITA -- 2013 Swimwear range videos (2013)
Duration: 90sec video

The guys at Funkita love summer and showing off their wonderfully colourful and sporty swimwear. I joined the guys on one of their many photo shoots to produce for them.

This was shot using my Panasonic AF102 kitted out with Zeiss Primes acorss a day at the Prahran local pool. See the video here


Blue September (2013)
CREDIT: Director of Photography
Produced by MWC Media

Alan Fletcher of Dr. Carl fame in the TV Series Neighbours has generously lent his voice to the men's cancer awareness fundraising program Blue September.

Launch of the new Holden VF Commodore (2013)
CREDIT: Editor / Camera Op
Produced by AXIS Films

Launched the new Holden VF Commodore at the massive sound stage no. 1 at Docklands Studios. The event kicked off with the teaser reveal video that I worked on for AXIS Films to rev the audience up for the new car to drive on stage moments later. This new car should hopefully ensure many existing and new jobs in the car industry remain in Australia. See a 16:9 version of the video here.


CREDIT: Editor / Animation
Produced by AXIS Films

AXIS Films were commissioned to shoot the first footage of the new Holden VF Commodore for the launch in February. This highly stylised video was shot by DOP Tim Maloney with my Cooke S4s and a RED Epic. Additional aerial footage was shot by myself, and design footage by Con Filapedis. The final video played on 55m width screens (6:1 ratio) within Stage 1 at Dockland Studios. See a 16:9 version of the video here - play it loud and in HD!

Medical Training Film, Alfred Hospital (Jan 2013)
CREDIT: Camera Op
Produced by AXIS Films

Shooting at the Alfred Hospital today in Melbourne to recreate a variety of scenes of a series of medical training videos. The general vibe onset was fun, though the general consensus amongst the nurses was that George Clooney was missing from the E.R. drama we were shooting. We were shooting coverage with 2x XDCam Sony F800s.

Wanker_Short Film

TROPFEST Short FIlm (Dec 2012)
CREDIT: Director of Photography
Director: Simon Bell

Produced by Cameron Zayec and Simon Bell - our short film, shot in a day in Kew, Melbourne, has so far been selected in the this years Tropfest shortlist of 50 films. Fingers crossed for more good news !!

I shot this with a kitted up Canon C300 and Zeiss primes.

Cooke Mini s4 Panchro

-- NEW EQUIPMENT - COOKE Mini S4i (Panchros) -- (Dec 2012)

Finally after a seven month wait these six Cooke prime PL lens have arrived here in Melbourne after being hand crafted in Germany. This kit of primes consists of an 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm, all T2.8.

This kit is colour matched perfectly with their big sister kits of Cooke 5i (T1.3) and S4's (T2.0). So unless your production requires series night shooting where not enough lighting is available, these lens are a perfectly budget-friendly alternative and are available for hire / rental. Please contact me to enquire about their availability here in Melbourne, Australia.


PIPING HOT Fashion Video 2013 (Dec 2012)
Production by Got It Made

We spent four days down at beautiful Portsea, Victoria with a great cast and crew shooting a loose narraitve video for Piping Hot. We shot on beaches, towing surfers onto waves (very rocky boat...), and worked with some kids also who were great.


HOLDEN Alpine Test Days (Dec 2012)
CREDIT: Camera Op
Production by AXIS Films

We travelled with a small media team tracking a possie of Holden engineers as they push the new 2013 range of Holden vehicles to their limits in an attempt to make any final tweeks before the vehicle specifications are locked in for manufacture.

Travelling through the beautful alpine region of Victoria, we also captured some amazing visuals of the cars from the air as they tracked along ridges across the mountains. See the results here.


CREDIT: Director of Photography
Produced by H2 Television

These spots for the real estate website detail to prospective buyers, sellers and renters a variety of tips and tricks to get the best out of your situation. Shot over three days in Melbourne with a great team bought together by Antonio Cafasso of H2.

Again I turned to a kitted out Canon C300 with Zeiss primes coupled with a PIX 240 recorder. I've found that even at 50mbits, the PIX recording at Prores HQ will shine over the Canon native codec when it comes to playing with the grade.

GCBC 2012

GOOD CHEF BAD CHEF, Series V (Nov 2012)
CREDIT: Director of Photography
Produced by H2 Television

Australia’s most popular daytime cooking show, Good Chef Bad Chef, is pleased to announce that Zoe Bingley-Pullin will be joining Adrian Richardson for the fifth series, due to start in mid-January 2013.

This season was the first to be shot on Canon C300 camera's - the previous ones were shot on XDCam.

Myer 2012 Spring Carnival 3x 30sec TVC (Oct 2012)
CREDIT: Camera Op & Online Grade
Production by Thousand Words Productions

I joined the team at Thousand Words Productions under DOP Leon Depetri for this years Myer Spring Carnival 2012 TVCs. Shot in-store at the Melbourne Bourke Street stalls, the three spots show off the latest spring fashion provided by Myer. I later completed the online grade onsite at 1000 Words in Port Melbourne.

Lions Lair

GE - THE LION'S LAIR (Oct 2012)
CREDIT: Producer / Editor
CLIENT: GE Capital

We were asked to produce an internal production for GE Capital based on the successful UK production call "The Dragon's Den", where people must pitch their ideas to investors to win finance and continue their projects. I joined forces with the TRUCE team to produce three 15min episodes.


MOTO Grand Prix 2012 (Oct 2012)
CREDIT: Editor / Motion Graphics package
Production by AXIS Films

Phillip Island's MotoGP is the biggest motocycle event on the Australian calendar. This year saw Casey Stoner retire with his seventh straight win at the circuit.

My role is editing at the track all the sponsored & event packaged video content shot by the roaming camera teams. This gets spread amongst the live content by the broadcast team.


CREDIT: Camera A / Opening Titles Motion Graphics
Episodes: 8x 24min
Production by H2 Television

This is our second year shooting this made-for-television fishing event. This year it was hosted out of Newcastle over eight huge days. This 8 part series screened on channel 9. This is an image of me (middle) getting snagged on one of the fishing lines.

Funky Trunks

FUNKITA -- Summer fashion videos (Sept 2012)
Duration: 2x 90sec videos

Our second video shoot for Funkita women's swimwear, we came onboard to produce two 'behind-the-scenes' videos, however both have merged into something alot more fun, and with great results.


HP Video (Sept 2012)
Credit: DOP / Editor
Duration: 5min

Working with Paul from Brainsells, we flew over to Perth for a few days to cover HP's impressive involvement setting up Mazenod College's laptop supply and maintainance facilities.

ALF GrandFinal

AFL Teaser Package for 2013 (Sept 2012)
CREDIT: Camera Op
Production by AXIS Films

The team from AXIS Films and AFL Media covers the AFL Grand Final with a variety of RED Epic and Alexa cameras, providing beautfully unique visuals of the game usually only presented on broadcast interlaced formats.

My role was overseeing a number of GoPro and Contour cameras around the ground to provide some unique vantage points for the opening teaser package next year.

SECRET MEAT BUSINESS, Season 2 (July / Aug 2012)
CREDIT: DOP / Producer
Episodes: 13x 24min
Production by Squeaky Sausage

Hiding from the barbarian vegan hords in a dark dungeon, Adrian Richardson teaches us how to cook and eat a wealth of meat dishes (with vegetables of course!) from around the world.

This two camera shoot broke away from traditional video zoom lens and we decided to shoot using Carl Zeiss prime lens on Canon C300 cameras. Aaron Bickford and Rainer Kelly are also on board as second camera.

Gameshow Pilot GAME SHOW Pilot (May 2012)
CREDIT: Camera Op / Data Wrangler
Production by Coda.TV

Working with Rob Piele and his team we worked hard to produce a concept game show format for the producers to pitch to networks.



(April 2012)
CREDIT: Camera Op / Remote Pilot

Hit the vineyards across at Redhill Victoria to capture some aerial footage of the beautiful local scenary from the air. Shot with a Panasonic GH2 SLR camera @ 50mbits.


CREDIT: Editor
Production by Zero Space

Biggest motor sport event on the calendar myself and the Zero Space team are charged with producing all the live and pretaped content for the big screens at the Melbourne venue. Roaming camera teams are shooting sponsor and track stories - my role is cutting these within our tight schedules, as well as highlights packages, to play out across the event.

SEED SUMMER 2012 Fashion Video (Jan 2012)
CREDIT: Camera Op / Editor
[play video]

For this shoot we travelled with the SEED creative team and photographer Chris Colls and his fun (and very skilled) team, to the spectacular Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania.


CREDIT: Producer / Motion Graphics
Duration: 1x 3min version & 1x2min version

The new Coles Mastercard launches this March. This animated video introduced GE and Coles staff members to all its benfits and how it works incorporating the FlyBuys program


CREDIT: Director of Photography & Editor
CLIENT: Witchery
Duration: 13 min

Launching the new Witchery winter clothing range, we produce this video for the Witchery's online social media presence and also for in store education about the various products.

EVERYDAY GOURMET, Series II (Nov 2011)
CREDIT: Director of Photography
PRODUCER: H2 Television
EPISODES: 90x 24min

Filming has commenced on the second season of H2 Television's production EVERYDAY GOURMET. Justine Schofield (Masterchef) and huge variety of guests ranging from local produces to world class chefs will drop by to cook somthing. Currently screening Channel 10.


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